This last week after my trip has been difficult in many ways. Me having starting to have a cold probably intensified the entire experience and made it what it was. The cold getting stronger the days has also triggered light panic attacks and anxieties in me.

A couple of days ago, the cold put me down in bed, and I recognized some of the feelings I felt when it felt like I was dying. This caused a light panic attack which was not fun at all. There has also been a couple of other small things that has triggered them.

Today, a friend of mine asked me if I had searched the internet for similar experiences. This should have been straight forward for me to figure out myself, but I did not. I immediately found the following page with people describing the exact same feelings as I had felt during and after the trip.

When I read that this was normal, and one person had written a list with 31 points on how to get over it, I realized it was not so bad after all. No reason to loose all hope over this natural thing.

My mind had been exposed to thoughts, visions, and feelings that I had never felt before. Things I might have pushed away too.

It was a very relieving read. It makes going forward a lot easier.

Now I just need this cold to get over so I can continue with physical activities like running and rock climbing. Now I also know that I need to be occupied with positive activities. It just seem so much clearer now.

I really look forward to my next running session.