What is it? Anxiety disorder seems to be based on fear. Irrational fear. Why is this fear inside of me?

I think it's there for us to survive.

As long is the irrational fear is inside of me, it is there and it's gonna show up. That's a fact. So the best thing to do is to control it by embracing it, using it, and learning from it to become a better person. A better person means a better life.

To control anxiety, I need to learn how to identify the anxiety and irrational fear. And that's not an easy task until you're standing there. With a lost mind. With lost thoughts. At that time, I do not see that this is all irrational fears helping me to loose my mind. Even being reminded of it by someone else is no help. Why is it like that?

Right now it's very clear to me how this only destroys me and those around me. The fear is there. That's a fact.

In the middle of an anxiety situation it feels to me like there is little hope. That's why I thought of a solution.

Find that little hope and use it to find peace.

How do I do that?

I think the key is to learn from the situation and use what I learn to go further. And if I can't learn from a situation, I need to learn how to learn. It all brings me down to more questions.

How can I learn from myself and my own mistakes?

By putting the mistakes in a system.

It helps to write down the thoughts. Anywhere.

It helps to be in nature. This is a place I can be peaceful.

It helps to focus on the positive.

It's just not worth to put too much effort into the negative.

In an anxiety situation it is difficult for me to focus on the positive. That also makes it difficult for those around me to focus on the positive. Creating a negative circle. Focusing on something as simple and beautiful as breathing is a positive thing. Our bodies breathes without us having to think about it. How fantastic is that?

We are practically held alive by our bodies without thinking about it. I find that pretty fascinating.

What I do know is that I will face more situations of anxiety, so the first step to a better life is to focus on the breathing. That is done by meditating regularly. By meditating regularly, the mind gets used to it. Which makes it easier to do in an anxiety situation. The first step to a better life is to focus on the breathing. It is that simple.

If I am not able to do that, it's okay. I can then use that previous situation to learn from. To track down why I was not able to focus on the breathing. The question I find there will be the next step to a better life. That's why it is important to always keep learning. I need to take lessons from myself. The information is there.

What the step after next is I will never know, but I know it is there and I know that if I learn from the past it will be better and better.

A better life for me and for those around me.